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ResourceSpace can be installed on most modern operating systems, including GNU/Linux, Mac OS X and Windows and works with most major web servers including Apache and IIS.

ResourceSpace requires:

  • PHP greater than or equal to version 5.3
  • MySQL greater than or equal to version 5.0.15 (latest release recommended)

The following libraries and functions are recommended for compilation into PHP:

  • GD Graphics (configure parameter --with-gd)
  • FTP - enabled if you want to use batch FTP uploading (--enable-ftp)
  • MySQL Library (--with-mysql)

These are commonly included and enabled by default in common Linux distributions PHP packages however there are also additional packaged for easy installation.

If installing on Ubuntu Linux, the above setup can be achieved by using the "apt-get install" command with the following package names: mysql-client-5.0, mysql-common, mysql-server-5.0, php5, php5-common, php5-gd, php5-mysql, php5-mysqli. See the Installation section for specific instructions.

ResourceSpace can be installed on Windows either using the built in IIS web server or Apache.

Additional Packages

For several common features in ResourceSpace, additional software is required. On most Linux systems these packages are available from the package repository. On Mac OS X, MacPorts can be used. On Windows the software can be downloaded from the appropriate websites using the links below.

  • Imagemagick adds automatic thumbnail/preview support for many more image types beyond the standard JPG/PNG/GIF support.
  • FFmpeg adds support for video thumbnail/flash preview creation and automatic creation of alternative video formats.
  • Ghostscript adds automatic thumbnail/preview support for PDF and EPS files.
  • Exiftool adds enhanced support for XMP/IPTC/Exif metadata import and export.